by Freddie Nunez

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Desolate bedroom pop.


released January 17, 2012

Written and produced by Freddie Nunez

Cover Art by Katie Dureault



all rights reserved


Freddie Nunez Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Runaway
All the people who came
Before you and me
Stuck in-between, setting the scenes

I was climbing the wall, to see how tall
I could stand, before I fall
Track Name: Sun
I was dreaming of a song that was stuck inside my head. She said, the first bite and the last are the most important. It's time to start to move the wheel. I'm dreaming of my own New Deal; where time is something that you feel and standing till is justified.
In the sun...
In love...
I was dancing in the crowd, I was moving up and down. I was searching for myself in the line of arrogance. The only thing I've done today is contemplate and act insane. I'm always just one step away, mind wants to go outside and play.
In the sun...
in love...
Track Name: Collapsing
Step into my life and tell a story
The galaxy is collapsing on your shoulders
And tonight I’m afraid of my life
Step into my mind and find the secrets
That I’ve been keeping that I’ve been dreaming
And tonight I’m afraid of my life
Step into my lies my lonely widow
Paradise is just around the corner
And tonight I’m afraid of my life
Track Name: Test Won
Turn me into an actor, turn me into myself
In the cave of my thoughts, lie to me in sounds. At least I felt
...till I fade away I'm not okay with this way. Will someone help?
Lost in my mind's shadow. Life as a castaway. Fighting right here, right now, embrace the bad taste. At least I tried
...till I fade away I'm not okay with this way. Will someone help?
Track Name: Thought Before
I've heard this thought before
Smoking Suzie, keep me alive
Tell me what you want, that's alright
Searching something, give me a sign
Tell me what you need, that's alright
I've heard this song before
Track Name: Lion's Den
Some things you say, they have a way of disappearing somewhere. We'll probably never, ever, see them again.
Some feelings you show will or will not grow but disappear somewhere. We'll probably find them lying in somebody else.
And I still think of them and the lion's den and how they chased me out.
Where is my queen, that one human being who took my hand last night? We'll probably never ever see them again.
And I still think of them and the lion's den and how they chased me out.
Track Name: Do it Again
My friends don't understand my own Grey Garden dreams and that I sleep much easier to the sounds of the city and I fundamentally disagree; with our social economic policy and I do it again.
You colored once; you colored red you once colored green. You've covered every corner of this bronze city and I lost my damn vapor mind to a life of wasting time but I do it again
Track Name: Save the World
If love could save the world, why can't I find it? If he's so evil why so much in common? You blew your bubbles and defined beauty. You set the boundaries between you and me.

You set the precedents and set the laws behind meaningless words and a cause; but you got to do something in this lifetime. Love your television and save your life.

I'm not afraid of you.